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We are a software factory! We develop tailored systems for you to achieve great results.


We create and customize applications according to your business needs. Our team has successful cases in this field.


We have expertise and a specialized team in creating games and gamified models for mobile devices and platforms.


We develop institutional and customized websites, offering the best in the market.


Our company has a specialized marketing team that will help you launch your website or application.


We have a team of experts who will talk to you and understand how technology can best fit your business.

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How It Works

How the development process of your project is carried out:

1 Idea

This is the stage where we discuss how your solution will be developed, understanding your needs and suggesting appropriate solutions.

In this stage, we document the proposed solutions for your project, delving into technological details.

Requirements 2

3 Prototype

Before developing the solution, you will see a visual prototype that ensures fidelity to the proposed usability interface for the project.

It's time to get to work. You will follow the evolution of your project, visualizing each completed stage.

Development 4

5 Delivery

It's time to put your project online. Don't worry, the entire process is carried out by our team, providing assistance when needed in terms of promotion and training.

Dream Team

We are technology professionals with over 10 years of experience in software and application development.

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Inovafobia #2 - Transformação digital: O varejo do futuro.
Inovafobia Podcast #2 - Digital Transformation: The Retail of the Future (Spotify)
In this episode, Isaac Burmann, CSO of Code Square, Juliene Pereira, founder of Lero, Fábio Raffael, community manager of MTI, and Rhulian Marcus, CEO of Hawk, talk about the digital transformation that has been taking place in recent years.

Plataforma de e-commerce ajudará empresários locais em Uberlândia
Partnership between Code Square and CDL Uberlândia will help local entrepreneurs
During the pandemic, trade was affected by falling sales. Forced to close for a while, Uberlândia merchants have felt firsthand the impact caused by the new coronavirus. In response, a startup from Uberlândia launches an online platform.

Plataforma de e-commerce gratuita para empreendedores é anunciada em Uberaba
E-commerce platform for entrepreneurs is announced in Minas
The "Mebox" app was created by the startup Code Square. In it, merchants will be able to manage online businesses. The platform will be available as a mobile app and web application and will be free for merchants.

Pequenos negócios terão plataforma online para a venda e entrega de produtos em Uberaba
Startup partners with Uberaba municipality for online commerce solution
The solution created by Code Square will provide micro and small businesses in Uberaba with a free online platform for selling and delivering products over the internet. Business associations and unions will support affiliated stores.

Aplicativo gratuito para vendas em Uberaba está cadastrando empresas interessadas em vender online
Free app for sales in Uberaba is available during the pandemic
An online platform for selling and delivering products via the internet is already available to micro and small business owners in Uberaba. Developed by the startup Code Square, the platform is offered during the pandemic.

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