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Doe Fácil

The Doe Fácil project emerged from the need to help third-sector institutions raise resources in an easy and didactic way. From there, we created a simplified solution for the first phase of the project, where institutions can create campaigns with different QR codes that lead to a credit card-based donation screen. For a second phase, payments via boletos (payment slips), recurring credit card payments, and raffle management are planned.



Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we created a solution for sectors where delivery apps usually do not operate, focusing on the local commerce of each city and understanding its peculiarities. The project started in the cities of Uberaba and Uberlândia, and through Mebox, it’s possible to make purchases at cosmetics stores, electronics shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, stationery shops, and more.



Imagine making it easy to pay bills at stores, restaurants, and events, avoiding queues to access the credit card terminal. That’s how MePague was born, a solution that doesn’t require downloading an app. Simply access the link directly or via a QR code to make payment to the establishment, which receives confirmation instantly and frees the customer from queues or issues the desired ticket. This way, the customer’s mobile phone temporarily becomes the credit card terminal of the establishment.



MeMarque is a family of solutions for small and medium-sized establishments that consists of 3 main solutions: Order System, Booking System, and Loyalty Card System. Through a unique and customizable app for each establishment, you can create a complete ordering system and loyalty cards for bars and restaurants, or have a comprehensive booking system for beauty salons and pet shops.



Today, buying a property is quite challenging. In addition to the bureaucracy of sending documents, the lack of time to visit possible choices slows down the entire process. This led to the project, which involves Correspondent Banking, Financial Institutions, Construction Companies, and Customers in a unique process that facilitates communication, document submission, and information management. The project will also feature Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to bring the ease of buying a property without leaving home to the digital world.



The Food Service sector is one of the fastest-growing in Brazil, but it also falls short in terms of service and support, both for merchants and customers. This is where Udão comes in, a delivery app specifically for the city of Uberlândia, which stands out as a true partner platform for merchants, maintaining ongoing communication to discuss ideas and help with sales and delivery promotion. Additionally, the app has an administrative fee much lower than industry standards.